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(updated 11/6/2001 - dkzh)

I originally built this model to celebrate the San Jose Sharks' making it to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time. In those days, the two Zambonis at the San Jose Arena were yellow and black, and the sponsors were Miller Genuine Draft beer. I have a seperate Zamboni page that describes that project...

My wife plays ice hockey with the Northern California Women's Hockey League. (There are pictures from her first try it night put on by the NCWHL on Beki's Hockey Night in Belmont web pages.) When she isn't skating in the Green Division, we sometimes keep score for other NCWHL Divisions. Near the end of the summer 2001 season (Beki's first), I brought the Zamboni, and put it on the scorekeepers table. It seemed to be a big hit with the players.

With a week left before the end of the season party, I set to work to build part of an ice rink. I was going to start with just two team benches, but then I wanted to add a scorekeepers bench. It was a bit tricky to fit writing on the rink walls while keeping them low enought to pole-vault over! I Also added some stands behind the benches, and I tried to put a mix of folks in the stands. I've received a few requests for additional pictures showing some of the construction details, so I've added those pictures here as well. Here's the result;

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