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Navigation MenuThis covers my own LEGO train projects. If you are interested in seeing a comprehensive site that covers all of the LEGO train series (past and present), as well as some interesting track layout ideas, and the Track Designer (for windows only), check Matthew D. Bate's Train Depot Pages at the URL;

If you're interested in my 'How I Got Started' story, it's on my about me page

I've been keeping LEGO journal. It started as a blank college notebook-style, with quadrille (1/4" graph) pages. This allows me to keep LEGO ideas I have in one place, for the day when I have time to test the ideas. As embarrassing as it is to say, I've dreamed of building LEGO things, and if I wake up and remember the ideas from the dream, I sketch out the ideas on Post-It notes in the dark. This usually works OK, but there have been a few that have just been gibberish the next morning. I then transfer the ideas to the notebook. I put a lot of ideas for train stuff in the book during my summer trips to Europe.

After creating a large yellow diesel engine, ala the Union Pacific Railroad, and a smaller freight-yard engine, I finally decided that my next BIG project would be a working roundhouse for the LEGO trains. This would require destroying the large Fire Station project that had been my labor for about a year, in order to use the roll-up doors for the engine bays. (I decided to use the roll-ups, because I couldn't find enough large hinged-at-the-side doors, and LEGO doesn't make any large sliding doors anymore.)

I have a separate page for the Roundhouse project, and a separate page for the turntable itself. I began by creating the basic turntable, then I developed the basic structure for the entrance to the bays, as well as a mechanism for locking the track into a fixed position. I've reworked the turntable a bit. Construction on the roundhouse is currently delayed, until I can build my LEGO Train Tables.

I've also developed a small electronic circuit to use a Red/Green bi-color LED to make a red/yellow/green LED train signal. You can find more info on my Train Signal page.

I've put together a page for images of various train cars (which include some of the 'train yard' images) and my engines. I have a separate page dedicated to the Freight Container Snake Car I'm working on.

My current collection of LEGO train models includes;
(The images below are from
Matthew Bates Train Depot Train Kit.)

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