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Zonker's LEGO(*) Train Cars

Navigation MenuAlmost all of my current LEGO projects are related to trains. I have a pages for my current projects; a working train round house, with a separate page for the turntable itself.

This page is dedicated to the documentation of custom rolling stock I've built. There are other pages for my engines, work trains, and the Freight Container Car, sometimes called a "spline car". At the bottom of this page, I also show the LEGO train models that I have so far.

Auto Transport Car

There isn't much to this one. It was a first try, and I haven't tried to imrpove upon the design.

Tank Car with hazard placards

Have you noticed a sever lack of round elements to make a tank car? The old shuttle boosters were a bit slim, but you can't find 6-stud wide wheel hubs with flat edges. I built this with angled bricks. The special touch was the hazard placards, built with colored tiles.

Pictures "In The Yard"

It's easy to get the good pictures when you tower above the rolling stock. These are shots of my rolling stock in a model cutting yard.

Stockyard Pictures

This is just a collection of snapsots made when I decided to place all my built train cars on a large board, to see how much room they would take up. (Images are 105-135 KB)

stockyard1.jpg - stockyard2.jpg - stockyard3.jpg - stockyard4.jpg

My "Under Construction" pictures.

I, personally, hate web pages with URLs that go to an "Under Construction" banner, or animated GIF of someone digging a hole, or flashing lights. I feel that, if you don't have anything there for me to see, don't put that link out where I'll see it. (If it's clickable, there should already be something there when you install the link.

On the other hand, since my construction on the round house was on hold until I could build a train table (and install the turntable), I thought it would be cute to put some of my town construction teams to work in the train yard, and take a few pictures. If you're interested in the ideas, please take a look at these photos.

My current collection of LEGO train models includes;
(The images below are from
Matthew Bates Train Depot Train Kit.)

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