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Navigation MenuI have built a number of MOCs ("My Own Creations") using LEGO bricks. I even started my LEGO life with the 1989 Space Shuttle model. I've loved the U.S. Space program, but my love of LEGO space themes petered off after the Ice PLanet theme. While I was interested, I built a few space ships and space bases, and the pictures are viewable using the links below.

While I am not actively interested in the space themes, someday I may still make a larger project of a Babylon 5-style diorama.


Space Base #1 was red, with a white stripe, and the yellow "Blacktron" windows. It included an air-lock with a sliding door, full-wall control consoles, communications area, and a communications tower. The two skylights were also hinged, for emergency egress if the air-lock failed.

Space Base #2 was red and grey, and grew from the roots of base #1. It included a newer, bigger air-lock, larger control consoles, freight loading area, and remote-controlled outside camera. I also placed a container/pod-carrying ship at this space port.

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