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Zonker's LEGO (*) page

These pages document nearly a decade of hacking with LEGO bricks, having collected hundreds of sets since my first set (the older Space Shuttle) in the fall of 1989.

I've made a small page documenting our annual Christmas Train for 2001.

My most recent projects have been models of some Intermodal Freight Container Cars and freight container models, in preparation for BricksWest coming up in February 2002! I'll be bringing some of them to the BayLUG meeting on January 5th.

I have also modeled some Canadian Pacific and VIA Canadian trains, which had their public debut at the SuperTrain 2001 show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during February. I have also recently started chasing trains in the S.F. Bay Area, and I've put up a few Railfan pages. BayLTC is also planning to display at the August 2002 GATS.

Another recent project was making an Ice Rink diorama" for my LEGO Zamboni, for display at a Season's End party for the Northern California Women's Hockey League (because my wife is a player).

My first interests were Space and Town (mainly Emergency and Rescue themes). Since then, Space has almost dropped off the list, Castles, Pirates, and Islanders came and went, and the Trains are currently on top, although I think I missed some of the better trains that the LEGO companies have offered. I'm anxiously waiting for the newer trains to look more realistic, and to not use the larger,specific assemblies. I prefer using discrete parts to pre-built hulks.

We don't have any kids yet, so I don't have to share my LEGO bricks! :-)

The links to the left will take you to various pages that document some of my past, and current, LEGO projects. (If it's not a clickable link yet, then it's a place holder for a page that I'm planning to write "Real Soon Now".) If you have any trouble with any of the links, please let me know via email to frenezulo at

    Looking for engraved or alphabet LEGO bricks? Check HPT Designs, who made the keychain bricks for BricksWest '02.

As a result of traveling in Europe a few times, I've collected lots of video of a variety of real castles, cathedrals, and trains. I've finally started to compile a Euro-Trains tape, covering about 5 years of travel. If you are interested in chatting about these, please drop me a note.

I'm also interested in starting a LEGO Train Club in the S.F. Bay Area, modeled along the lines of the Pacific Northwest LEGO Train Club ( If you are local to the S.F. Bay Area, or want to discuss 'virtual membership', please email me with your questions, ideas, or suggestions. (Email frenezulo at

The LUGNET server hosts an NNTP (Net News Transfer Protocol) Server, and it serves up a number of very specific LEGO discussion groups. While some folks can't get to this due to firewalls at their company, LUGNET also has a Way Cool web interface to read these groups. I think it probably does reduce the number of folks who will regularly read and participate in the Rec.Toys.LEGO USENET Newsgroup, but I'm really happy to find some very specific groups to read. I like it!

I already know about the PNLTC pages, Matt's train pages, Michael Dorniech's Everything LEGO, and Larry P.'s pages (so I also know about the links from their sites). I also check the KL.Net instructions archive regularly. I'm looking for Robin (from Canada, at Sygma Support), whose pages have vanished, and for pages which show some of the older train sets (7700 series, 12-volt trains).

I have a lot of other hobbies besides LEGO. If you're curious about what they are, please feel free to check my personal home page.

These pages are NOT sponsored or endorsed by the LEGO companies.They are the creation of an enthusiast of LEGO bricks.
The official LEGO home page is

(The LEGO companies have their own pages. This page is mine. :-)

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