Bureau of Field Operations

The Bureau of Field Operations provides services to minimize the impact of incidents involving medical emergencies, fire, hazardous materials problems, railroad incidents, highway transportation emergencies, and technical rescues.

The Bureau of Field Operations is commanded by Division Chief Eric McDonald, Jr. This bureau is the largest bureau in the department comprising of 3 fire stations, located strategically throughout Paradise City.

While the Bureau of Field Operations provides all emergency response services, it is also charged with a number of other activities. BFO personnel conduct thousands of business inspections annually, spend numerous hours training, and conduct station tours. In today's fire department over 80% of our emergency calls involve emergency medical treatment. During the past year the department trained and staffed a paramedic on every fire engine. This service has allowed the department to provide Advanced Life Support services to all the citizens of Paradise City.

The Paradise City Fire Department has 3 Engine companies, 1 Truck company, and 1 Rescue company.