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My creations for for the Minifig World Tour

1) Paradise City Museum

This structure was built many years before the project. It has gone through many renovations since it was originally built.

2) Bill & Mary Memorial Building

This building I built especially for the project. It houses two monuments that were designed after the shirt patterns of Bill & Mary. You can view the instructions here.

3) Information Booth and Wishing Well

I built these to complete the complex. One is a simple building for the Information Booth. The Wishing Well was built from a picture on the box of MEGA BLOKS™ Western set #9211 Outlaw's Cabin.

4) Steam Locomotive

I built this steam engine following the instructions from MEGA BLOKS™ Western bucket #9215.

Cover of instructions for MEGA BLOKS™ #9215. ©1996 RITVIK Holdings, Inc.

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