BayLUG / BayLTC meeting, 1/5/2002

Fremont Public Library
Fukaya Room.

BayLUG Graphic by Fred Yokel.

We had an "Official Business Meeting" this time, chaired by David Harris. We discussed the table designs for BayLTC display tables, and attendance at BricksWest 2002. There was a reminder that the GATS 2002 show in the Bay Area will be at the Cow Palace in Daly City, instead of at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds (which was previously announced).

"Uncle Dan" (Dan Velasco) brought plenty of used LEGO parts for folks to buy again for this meeting, and we decided he is the Preferred Vendor to BayLUG.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view a larger version of the picture. (Here's a link to Bill Ward's meeting pictures.)

A brief business meeting, discussing building tables for the GATS show. Wayne built the first prototype from the email discussions. Mark Benz brought in his alternative design.

We had a club contest, original models built using less than 100 pieces

Paul Sinasohn brought in a variety of trains, and some older sets for sale

David Wiegmueller's passenger station (And Russell Clark's "Batman" figure)

David Wegmuller's rotating coal unloading station

Roger Rothar's "Harry" model, and old sets

Bill Ward's models

David Harris' Esperanto Train

Uncle Dan's used LEGO

David Wegmuller's synchro-drive device

The Christmas Tree

The big train layout

David Wegmuller's Large Technic Truck (6-axle drive!)

Eric McCarthy's Dragon Train

Wayne Gramlich's Son's space ship

Ross Benz's Train Tunnel (in progress)

Mark Benz's 8-wide trains and water tower

Mark Ben's models

Fred Yokel's models

Ross Benz's 9-volt rotating sign

Ken's auto dealership

Ken's other models

Russell Clark's buildings

Mech Warrior

Paul Gyugyi's models (look at that Palm Tree!)

The press was in the house...

These pictures were taken with a Canon PowerShot Pro 70, in small/coarse mode at the 1/5/2002 meeting, held at the Fremont Public Library, in the Fukaya Room.