BayLUG / BayLTC meeting, 10/27/2001

Fremont Public Library
Fukaya Room.

BayLUG Graphic by Fred Yokel.

We had an "Official Business Meeting" this time, chaired by Russell Clark. We also had a large number of members, including many first-time members to the club.

"Uncle Dan" (Dan Velasco) brought plenty of used LEGO parts for folks to buy, and for this meeting, he added a large pile of Technic parts to the bulk-price piles!

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view a larger version of the picture. (Here's a link to Bill Ward's meeting pictures.)

We had a great crowd at the Member's Only portion of the meeting

Roger Rothar's red dragon, and some older sets he brought for sale/trade

Bill Ward's "Privateer"

Uncle Dan (a vendor of used LEGO parts) brought plenty of goodies
(the green carpet had Technic parts, the white was basic bricks)

We had a couple of Ball-Crawler Mindstorms projects this time

Fred Yokel's LEGO Logo model (almost 5 feet wide!), and a ball-crawler model...

Deuling remote-control Bionicles!

Wayne Gralich displayed some of his Robo-Board modules

David brought a wide variety, including a nearly complete line of Technic vehicles. (Check out the train!)

Mark Benz brought lots of old sets, plus his 8-wide trains and water tower

Who brought these goodies?

Here's an assortment of other folks and their models





These pictures were taken with a Canon PowerShot Pro 70, in small/corse mode at the 10/27/2001 meeting, held at the Fremont Public Library, in the Fukaya Room.